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Our Edmonton Firm is More Than Website Design

Congratulations on your decision to start the process towards online marketing. Choice Online Marketing Group is a boutique creative agency that can provide you with website design and development as well as online marketing services.

Our affordable website design and development services are second to none. We build highly effective websites that give users a great experience. We offer a flat-rate web development service for a very favorable price: $725. With three years of experience and over 150 active websites we will exceed your expectations. Contact us to get a rapid web design assessment.

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Banner Ads & Search Ads on Google


We are a certified Google partner and our campaign management services are effective. Online marketing can bring you a lot of leads, but it doesn’t always work. You need to think about the type of audience you are targeting, how that audience browses the web, and then determine what methods are available to you for advertising. We ask the right questions to set real expectations and then we deliver results. (click here for our Google partner page)

Our advertising services are month-to-month and do not require long-term contracts. Also, the results of our advertising can be seen immediately. Unlike traditional channels or media placements, you can measure your ROI instantly. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have or talk to us about running a discounted trial.

Web Design For User Experience


Site speed is an important factor of web design that gets less attention than it deserves. We develop websites so that they load quickly across all devices. Our designs are responsive and adapt to the various handhelds and desktops which may be used to access them. Web site navigation is important and we properly balance information depth with breadth. Websites with little guidance and many links may lead visitors astray while websites with too much guidance may fail to meet a unique visitors needs. Speed, responsiveness, and navigation are a few of the fundamental principles of web design for great user experiences here at Choice.


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