Peter Jaffray, CD, MBA. (Learn More…)

Founded of Choice Online Marketing Group in 2010.

Peter has set a very clear vision for our organization and is a mentor and coach to every member of the team.


CHOICE is a Graphic and Web Design company located in South Edmonton. We are a small team of highly skilled and super efficient designers and developers.  Our business is unique in that we focus on process over technique. That’s because we have seen techniques change, however we have learned that the process of researching, developing, and deploying web products in a general sense can streamlines with the right team.

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Vision Statement: CHOICE will master web communication technologies to efficiently and effectively distribute influence and effect on a global scale.

Mission Statement: We will be the slingshot that empowers small business owners to compete with giants.

Core Values: Trust, effect, and client success.

Our Method

Leveraging our competitive strengths in efficiency and operations, our goal is to become the most effective online advertiser locally and then leverage that success to grow. Our focus will continue to be an organizational culture with a ferocious hunger for results. Our incremental approach is conservative. However, we are structured so that we may seize the initiative when it arises. Every person on team CHOICE is highly competitive in nature and will work very hard to develop creative messages and the channels which deliver them.

Tempered by our ethical approach to operating in an unregulated environment, we continually seek out ethical ways of leveraging changes in consumer behavior to effectively match our clients with their target audience. We follow a code of ethics and conduct ourselves fairly in a market plagued with false promises and failure.

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As we grow in size, we grow in reputation. We strive to achieve total client satisfaction in a dynamic and changing environment. This requires that we work closely with our clients and set appropriate expectations without breaching trust or taking advantage of those with whom we work. CHOICE is becoming a strong name in our local market as a company that is fair, effective, and staffed by people with a good nature.

As more and more media channels transition to internet technologies, we are positioned to build our audiences and deliver our creatives more effectively and more dynamically than traditional agencies. We cannot win head to head competition with other media giants so we focus on manoeuvrist approach where our size and our culture is leveraged to its maximum effect in areas which our competitors are weakest.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn about CHOICE. If you would like to speak with the organizational leader, contact Peter Jaffray.