People will only give your brand a moments attention.

You might not have time to tell a brand story, you have to define your brand identity and let others tell your story for you. No one really cares to give you the time of day, but they are addicted to and continuously monitor their friend networks. That’s the story of a brand. It’s not something that a handful of creatives conceptualize on a $25,000 piece of paper telling you how “human” your identity needs to be. It’s the reputation you garner among key social circles and the ripples that these key individuals choose to create.

You have but a moment: no time for story-telling

In that critical moment, if your message is unfocused or bland, they will turn their attention elsewhere. People need to see something that has meaning to them. If your message inspires emotion and thought, people will remember it. At CHOICE, we know how to create a brand with a simple and meaningful message, a message that will have impact and not be forgotten. Steve Jobs and David Ogilvy were marketing and advertising sages, and they talked extensively about the essence of brands. They knew that brands are not just the visual creatives of logo design or imagery, but more importantly are also a combination of all of the associated meanings that people have built up in their mind concerning the brand. Brands are not about getting people to buy your products or services, they are about getting people to trust in your business, to believe in your purpose. And want to join your club. In this online world things are so much different than anyone could have ever anticipated.

“It’s a very noisy world and we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember very much. So we have to be very clear about what we want people to know about us.”- Steve Jobs

Brands are so critical to success that larger organizations have full-time brand management teams, and you can bet: They spend their time online

The sole responsibility of a brand manager is to oversee and control the direction and message of their brand and all of its components, such as brand extensions, sub brands, endorsed brands and the overall branding team. Brand managers carefully engineer their brand to maximize desired psychological associations and marginalize negative or potentially detrimental associations. These associations transcend the actual appearance of the logo and tie into our senses. For example – did you know that same company which makes Clorox also manufactures bottled water? We bet you would never drink a bottle of water with the Clorox logo on it. For comparison, consider if Ben and Jerry put the Mars bar logo on a few tubs of ice cream, all of a sudden people who like Mars bars are going to buy ice cream. Branding is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, and it can make or break any business.

When a brand is potent enough to have a community, it is a brand with personality and associative powers strong enough to convey a sense of belonging

Think about Harley Davidson. Powerful and well-established brand communities like Harley Davidson do not relegate the branding process solely to the marketing department – branding occurs at a much higher strategic level deep within the core of an organization. Brand strategy is about properly expressing the value of your products or services, but at the same time associating that value with something emotional and meaningful to the individual. Something that the target audience can directly relate to. When done successfully, consumers feel more positive toward the brand, and in some cases, people begin to feel as if the brand is an expression of their own personality. With excellent brand managing, a brand can go from being the distant emblem of some company, to being something people tattoo on their bodies as an expression of who they are.

How does your brand connect with your consumers?

We strive to produce unique brands that are powerful enough to create a novel experience in the user, pushing your brand to become more memorable and recognizable. Not only this, but we have the online tools to ensure that your branding strategies are effectively measured in real time, allowing you to better monitor and control the effects of your brand. One of the most critical facets of online marketing is branding and identity. At CHOICE, we know this philosophy intimately, and our whole team is involved in the genesis of all brands and identities. By letting us foster the development of your brand, you will be greatly increasing the potential for future yield and growth.